5 Tips for Learning Something New

When you’re learning something new it can be exciting, invigorating, and inspiring. Truth be told, it's not unusual to run into roadblocks or bumps in your inspiration along the way.  When that happens, there's a few little tricks of the trade to help keep you going, and I'm here to help you master those!

  1. Take time every day, to remember why you started.  

Make it part of your ritual to daydream about what you intend to do with this new skill.  As a part of your day, spend at least 2-5 mins confirming your reason for starting this new practice or skill.  Do this will help you reconnect to you initial excitement, and keep you on track in the event you end up detouring with old habits or patterns.

2. Pick up extra information regarding the new topic.  

This might be a book, an article, or even a sparked conversation with a stranger or old friend.  Perusing the web can be a great way to learn what is current in various topics. If you choose to go that route, set a specific amount of time to focus completely on one topic.  You can use an alarm to help you stay present for a specific timeframe. Look for a podcast or radio show or YouTube. On different days you might learn better from one source vs another, so try to be mindful of your moods in relation to the medium.  

3. Every chance you get to bring up your subject of learning, you get to share what you know, which helps to solidify that knowledge in your brain.  If you don’t feel totally confident relaying the information, give that disclaimer and do your best! Your friends won't hold it against you as long as you are honest about your skill level and desire to learn.

4. Find a community that shares your interest!

You might look for a local event or a festival or a workshop.  You might find a Facebook group, or a group on MeetUp.com. When you make friends who share the interest in learning or knowing similar things to you, you have a gateway to learn faster, just through the dynamic of sharing that comes with speaking and passing information back and forth.  Groups are also an incredible place to come up with new insights, so don't be surprised if you make some new discoveries amidst a group of fellow students. Get out and speak to people act your passions, you might go farther than you ever thought you could.

5. Find inspiration in history!

Is there a story of someone, or a group that worked with the skill you are currently pursuing?  History can help us learn from mistakes and victories that people have encountered before us, so we can find a smoother path.  Beyond that, hearing about the stories of regular people just like me and you, driving forward towards their dreams, failing and succeeding, can help you remember just how attainable your goals are.  It's easy to forget that patience and time, focus and dedication, really do work! If you're anything like me, you might get lost in the moment and the intensity of your big dreams, to the point that you overlook the everyday progress you make.  Take a little trip into history, on the web or at the library, or with an elder in your community. If you don't find someone who relates to your exact topic, try to find inspiration in a story that is similar to it.

Get out there and learn beautiful friend!  The world is waiting for you with arms wide open!