5 Signs or Symbols That You are on the Right Path

You’re feeling a vibe, but still looking for confirmation.  You believe this is what you need to be doing, but you’ve just got to know for sure.  You want someone to come along and just whisper in your ear, “keep going, you’ve almost made it…”

Well, here’s that whisper, in 5 signs or symbols.

1. You feel inspired and exhausted at the same time.

You’ve been driving hard towards a goal you’ve had set for a long time.  You wake up and it’s the first thing on your mind. Between everything you’re doing you just can’t get this project out of your head.  It’s almost driving you wild, you’ve got to have your hands on this project at least once a day.

Yup.  You’re on the right path.   Keep digging deeper!

2. Multiple people compliment your skill or the good fit that you are.  The universe sees you. It’s pushing you forward. It’s calling you towards it!  People are telling you, “yeah, you’re really good at this!”

This journey is in the flow!

3. Things are falling into place.  Jobs are being offered.

Invitations to events and groups are made.  You end up in the right place at the right moment and meet the right person.  

Definitely. On. Track.

4. You get random ideas from dreams, nature, or conversations with strangers. Something suddenly clicks.  You have to follow it! Don’t procrastinate. These are the times.

You’re so hot on this path .  

5. People who doubted you are suddenly believers.

 You’ve done the work to get to this point. Now your vibe is convincing others, and you didn’t even have to do any talking!  Just living your life and striving forward, others see it. They even tell you! Motivation is surrounding you.

Can you see it now?

You’re on track.