5 Ways to Enjoy Your Commute

For most of us, within our daily grind, is the daily drive.  With a little mindfulness this drive could become one of the most pleasant parts of your day.  If it's your style, the drive to work can even become a ritual experience. Whether your drive to work is lovely, or hectic, here's 5 ways you can make it even better.

1. Start Your Drive With Conscious Breathing
It doesn't take much to get yourself feeling tuned in!  When you get buckled into your driver's seat (or comfy on the bus or subway), pay attention to your breath.  Keep it simple. Slow your breath to 5 second inhale, 5 second exhale. Relax the muscles in your jaw and face, and before you know it, this drive will be feeling like meditation.

2. Put On Your Favorite Podcast or Mood Setting Music
What?! You can learn on your commute and get your groove on?  That's right, take some time to think about it the evening before your morning drive, pick out the perfect podcast, or put on your favorite playlist right when you jump in.  A little humor or new information will enrich your day, and commute dancing will uplift your spirits!

3. Look For Things You Never Noticed
A billboard with a strange ad, a tree that has lovely branches, a vintage sign that must have been up for 70 years now.  Novelty is everywhere! The faces of people in cars next to you at the stop light, the shade of blue the sky is, or pink if it's early enough!  Beauty is everywhere, we just get caught up in our heads and miss it. Not today though, and not you! Look for the good things everywhere!

4. Be A Nice Driver
Make a point to be the nicest driver on the road!  Let people get into your lane, be aware of how long you take to accelerate at the green light, smile and wave that other person through the stop sign or don't awkwardly have a stand off with them and just go!  Niceness will help you feel at ease, and at the top of your mindfulness game. Put your highest quality of attention into all the little details around you, and your environment will show you how to be kind.

5. Aroma Therapy
Get an essential oil diffuser for your car!  Or put some high grade oils on your skin! Aroma therapy is no joke!  Smells can energize, calm, inspire creativity, inspire ambition, invoke spirituality, and so much more!  Explore what oils sound best to you online and then find a local vendor where you can have a sniff. See what smells resonate with you.  Common and amazing oils I recommend are Lavender (soothing), Tea Tree (cooling), Frankincense (spiritual), and Sandalwood (sensual).

Hope you found these ideas intriguing!  Maybe you'll get started with a couple of them today, you could even do ALL OF THEM AT ONCE.  Imagine the great drive that would be?