Tulum, Mexico

Life is easy when you're in the flow, and I certainly felt that way when I made a Spanish speaking motherly friend on my flight to Cancun.  After chatting about her 4 children and the beauty of life and travel, I took a nice long nap and read a few chapters in Peter Levine's book In An Unspoken Voice.  

As we landed in Mexico my friend gave me a few things to watch out for - bombarding taxi drivers, over priced fake bus tickets, etc.  This confirmed some articles I read online.  After however many minutes in customs I wandered through the airport, exchanged my American dollars for pesos and found my way outside through the taxi drivers.  Down to the right, I was instructed to keep walking until I got to all the big buses.  

I found the ticket salesmen and got my ticket to Playa Del Carmen, where an hour later I transferred to my bus to Tulum at the small bus stop/market.  40-60mins later, hello Tulum!

While I'd love to spend more time telling you of all the little beautiful details, I'd really like to mention the places my friends and I most enjoyed.

We stayed at Papaya Playa Project.  Lovely eco-lodge on the ocean.  Dj booth down in the sand facing the white clay booths, where we were served delicious mezcal drinks, ceviche, tacos, and guacamole.  They also had healthful tonics, but our trip was a little more indulgent this go around.  We stayed in a private room, with soft edges, no corners, very natural and gentle on the eyes.  Not to mention our small private pool, hammock on our back deck, and roof top lounge space.

We found a great night spot called Gitano for cocktail with the most woke bartender I have ever met.  She schooled us on the history of Mezcal (our favorite drink) and preached to us on the spirituality of the plant and its ancient wisdom.  Did you know that bats and hummingbirds are a couple of its pollinators?  We loved that fact.  

Another night we visited Kitchen's Table and had the most delicious meal, we returned there another night.  Absolutely visit here.

Live music at Pasito Tun Tun, friends we made met us there and we all went on to another local place for some late night dancing.  

Of course we managed to stay up most the night, staring at the luscious full moon.

Visiting the ruins was on our list, but we didn't get to make it.  Ceynotes was another event we hoped to accomplish, but with some bad directions and a language barrier, we ended up at a secret lagoon, after traveling down a bumpy secluded road.  Only to find out later, there was a normal entrance.  Yes, I moved some logs on that road, and no, it wasn't completely worth it.  But the experience is one to be remembered with a big smile.

On our last day we did a Tezmezcal (sweat lodge) at Holistika.  Another Eco-resort in the "down-town" jungle.  This location was still under construction in some areas, as they were adding more accommodations and a second pool.  I look forward to returning to this place to see how it evolves.  Their yoga space have blue floors with gold accents, a large gong, wooden chakra symbols in the roof lined circular windows.  Winding paths through the garden with a cat here and there meowing blessings in your direction.  

After rocking in a comfortable chair while instructing my two friends in pool games from my childhood, we meandered to our ceremony to find a group of about 15 others ready to sweat it out in prayer.  The majority of the ceremony was in Spanish, but the leader made sure to translate the necessary parts.  This was a lovely experience, and I sang, sweat, cried, and heaved out emotions I truly needed to release.  I may still be releasing.  Yes.  I am.  This experience I will like to share with others when I return to Tulum to host a retreat.  

So much gratitude for my dear friends who invited me out, and shared in all this joy.  I look forward to sharing more with you too.  

With love, 


 Photo Credit: Alexandra Gibson Sept 6 2017   

Photo Credit: Alexandra Gibson Sept 6 2017