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Tulum is a beautiful city on the Gulf coast of Mexico.  Practice yoga where the sun rises over the warm ocean waters, mayan ruins, and beautiful tropical jungle.  

Our studio is open air, looking out over the water.  As the salty airs cleanse your lungs and skin, break a sweat in our morning practice, where I offer options for all levels to build strength and relieve your tension.

Explore the city with us, or on your own throughout the day.  Cenotes await you, the soft sand beckons you to sunbathe on the shore.

In the evening dive deep with us in our extremely therapeutic yin yoga session.  You'll love the hands on assists to relax your muscles and take you to the next level in your flexibility. 

All healthy meals included in the price of your retreat.  No experience needed, you are safe in our mindful, professional care.  

Contact Alex now to choose your room, and reserve your healthy vacation in paradise.