Practicing Yoga Circa 2006; ex-gymnast,health enthusiast   RYT; Certified Circa January 2009                                   Styles:  Power, Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Yin


What I'm currently up to:

YOUTUBE!  Really, I'm just getting started.  But I am passionate about making videos that are useful to others.

Getting to know Los Angeles CA, my new home!  I teach classes at Kinship Yoga, Namaste, and Hot 8 Yoga.  I am actively pursuing more private and public teaching opportunities, so please send them my way.

alex halenda.  

yoga instructor.  

Self-observation guide.

i want to meet you.

I'm flooded with a rush of thoughts and memories and understanding just thinking (thinking!) about why I'm so enamored with the practice and wisdom of yoga.  

Growing up, my family was quite religious, but I never felt completely at home in their faith.  I knew I wanted to explore more of my own understanding of the world, and experience the perspectives of many people.  

As a youth I practiced and competed in gymnastics, and found immense joy, self-confidence, discipline and clarity through conditioning and performing.  

As a teenager, I became interested in meditation.  And organized a club under the guidance of our journalism teacher.  It grew to nearly a 100 students, and I felt inspired by the benefits and connection I found in it.  

At 17 I took my first yoga class.  It was Iyengar style, and perhaps wasn't the best suited to my physical needs at the time, but I fell in love with it right away.  The mindfulness, coupled with the physicality, I felt at home and invigorated.  After the I found myself practicing Bikram Yoga for a year, then I found Ashtanga.  I enjoyed the vigorous practice, the peace I grew into, the meditation and its structure so much I decided to study for my teachers certification (200hr RYT), which I first acquired at 19, in January of 2009.  It was a hole-in-the-wall studio named Urban Ashtanga, I learned from Linda Walker, Krista Shirley, Steve Rubin, and Greg Nardi, among others.  It was a very intimate 3 person YTT group.  There was a lot of in depth study, and personal focus over the course of those 6 months.   

After receiving my certificate, I began teaching several classes a week, primary series mainly, and a vinyasa sequence I put together myself one night a week.  That first year I learned ALOT about people, myself, bodies, brains, the practice.  It was almost overwhelming, and I know I didn't fully process it all at the time.  But I absolutely loved every moment and found a lot of support and appreciation through the community.  I believe the learning never ends, and I feel most fulfilled when I am studying philosophy or methodology or anything creative I might be able to apply to my teaching.  

In February 2015 I "took the leap" and began teaching yoga full time.  Quit all my other jobs and put all my energy into the practice of teaching, learning, and living yoga.  

January 2015, I received a scholarship for another 200 Hr at Mbody in Jacksonville, a Baptiste Power Yoga training, led by Mark White.  I learned some new technique and language, but more than anything I learned how to be especially powerful with my words and intonation in class.  Through careful experimentation I learned to use my voice in a way that speaks IN to the bodies of my students, and share stories that foster a trusting, empowering, and open relationship within our community. 

In the last few years, my knowledge and inspiration has tripled, my creativity and exploration of the practice has changed my life for the better.  And I am passionate about sharing it all.  


If you feel drawn to work with me through yoga in any way, for any reason, this is the time.  

Please, get in touch with me,

it is my goal to assist you in finding your center

Mind, body, soul, & community.

"Curiosity is the mark of intelligence.  When you become curious in life, everything you experience becomes A LOT more interesting...and useful"