Everyday Yin Yoga


Everyday Yin Yoga


Ready to make big gains in your flexibility, taking a step closer to meditation, or just release your nerves? This is the practice for you. 70 lovely minutes of Yin Yoga.

For this practice, you’ll need:

  • 2 blocks OR 2-4 bed pillows

  • 1 Strap OR long towel/belt/dog leash (getting creative there)

  • Yoga mat

  • Optional: Wall Space

We will cover:

Supported Fish Pose

Supine Twist

Sphinx w Neck Stretch

Thread the Needle (from flat or Child’s Pose)

Table Top / Cat & Cow

Half Pigeon OR Figure Four from Back

Single Leg Hamstring Stretch from Back

Option for Supported Bridge, Feet up the Wall, or Savasana

As always, if questions arise please don’t hesitate to email me! SO. MUCH…LOVE.. Namaste!

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