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"What matters is how quickly you do what your soul directs..."   -Rumi



Outcall/Onsite Massage Service. LLC. Licensed. Insured.

Providing exceptional massages customized to your body, in the comfort of your own space (Whether you're at home, office, or traveling)

Our goal is to facilitate positive change through integrative bodywork.

"We're here to help you meet YOUR goal. Whether it's to increase range of motion, balance posture, manage pain, maintain optimal health, or simply relax, WE GOT YOUR BACK. 

An integrative massage could be a combination of craniosacral, deep tissue, myofascial release, neuromuscular, sports, stretching, hydrotherapy, reflexology, swedish, and trigger point therapy. It could also be just one of these modalities."

Here's my interpretation, from experience:

"The moment you enter Mike's presence you will feel at ease. His mindfulness, intuition, and genuine care set the tone. Mike's passion for health and healing translate directly into his impeccable skill and natural talent in massage. I believe his interest in the human body (and if you are on the table, YOUR body specifically) and overall well-being spark his curiosity and allow him the comfort and confidence to ask you the right questions, so he can provide you with a personalized session. Mike brings intelligence and creativity to massage, and with that, he is able to effectively, and tenderly adjust your muscles from skin to bone. You'll leave the table feeling renewed. 

Professional, clean, highly personable. EXCELLENT on all accounts.
I recommend mike to all my friends, and clients alike.  
Team up with him for massage or business and I bet you will flourish in one way or another."

CONTACT & COLLABORATE:  http://www.sidekickmassage.com/          mike@sidekickmassage.com        (321) 236-3196




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body // talk

"Body//Talk is a community driven organization dedicated to creating a new culture—one based on radical self expression, social connectivity, and musical transcendence. We do this by producing intentional parties and community events that inspire you to take these values off the dance floor and into your everyday life.

Guiding Values


Right now in the world, it is particularly important for people to come together and interact in a physical way. Our events are an opportunity for people to gather and experience deeper human connection. As an organization, we are dedicated to growing, nurturing, and empowering the ever-evolving community created through our events.

Radical Self Expression

We encourage you to express yourself at Body//Talk and to inspire others with the open pursuit of your own aesthetic. We aim to create an environment where you can let your guard down and be your authentic self. A safe space for people of all genders, orientations, and identities. We want to see you laugh, dance, and flow on full volume.

Social Connectivity

While technology has certainly done amazing things for the world, we can’t help but notice that on some level, people are lonelier than ever before. We see Body//Talk as an in-person social network—a place where the conditions are set up for meaningful connections to happen. That’s why we design our spaces to be conducive to conversation, intimacy, and spontaneous connection. You may meet your next best friend here.

Musical Transcendence

We revere the transformative power of music experiences. That’s why we work hard to bring together the necessary elements that make for a transcendent night: an immersive environment, a powerful performance, and a phenomenal dance-floor. We aim to create music experiences that take you to incredible new heights.

Quality of Experience

As a creative team, we’re committed to holding each other to a high standard of quality and practicing radical honesty to get there. We don’t engage in strategic back-scratching, and we don’t give preferential treatment to our friends. Our stamp is our word, and we don’t use it lightly.

Positive Impact

Nightlife can sometimes foster bad habits that lead to an unhealthy lifestyle. We strive to create events that nourish the body, empower the mind, and promote wellness. We believe that music events should be an emotionally sustainable part of life—even as you age and mature."

Here's my experience:

"The crowd, or better put, the community that backs up the Body//Talk events is authentically friendly.  Youthful, and driven.  Compassionate, sharing, celebratory.  They display a good sense of what the Dalai Lama calls "Universal Responsibility."  An awareness of opportunities to benefit others, and a true belief in the value of doing just that.  Plus, these people know how to have fun.  And create fun.  You leave these events with your faith in humanity restored.  Along with some great new tracks to add to your daily playlist."


CONTACT & COLLABORATE:          http://www.bodytalkparty.org                https://www.facebook.com/bodytalkparty